Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Goals for my final term of University

Yes. Once again, I have neglected this blog and here I am apologising for the millionth time. Honestly, I forgot and I didn't have much to say but here I am to start the year of 2017 with a fresh new blog post.
I am halfway through my final year at university and I want to set some goals for the final term because I want to make the most of it. Personally, I really love my university and education in general and I am not ready to leave (a post about this coming soon, promise). When in a crisis like this I make a list so without further ado, here is what I want to achieve in the next term or so...

1. Stick to a schedule
Throughout my 2 and a half years at University, I have tried to have a schedule because life gets hectic there and I never seem to know what is going on. I actually want to stick to one this time and with it being "New Year, New Me" and all that jazz I reckon maybe this can happen. How do I plan to do it? Well, I have started an actual Bullet Journal as part of my New Year task and so far, it is actually my favourite thing that I have started doing. I can schedule all my things in one place and for people with such messy heads like mine, it can be useful and it also gives me an excuse to doodle fancy headers. I have my own spreads that help with different parts of my life ranging from personal stuff to university tasks and I can change it up when I want and see what works for me. As well as sticking to schedules, it helps me relax and take time to plan my tasks well before getting in to them.

There is no way I could survive without a good ol' fancy header.
2. Do my reading
I admit it, I do not always do my reading and it can be a huge hinderance to my learning but I will try my best to do them on time before seminars. This term is much easier as I only have one class with the addition of extra curricular stuff and my dissertation so I can schedule reading easily before hand as well as all those resources for my dissertation.

3. Join a new society
This one is a hard one as joining new societies can be daunting for me. I am Vice President of the Glee Society at my University and that can take up quite a bit of time but also I have a commitment issue when it comes to these things. I tried to join a more active society to keep me moving but I only went to one taster session of Swing Dancing and then I never went again and most of the memberships are expensive. Hopefully I will try something new and unexpected when it comes to Refreshers Fair! (Maybe I can also go to more socials, who knows?)

4. Film more
Yes, I do a film degree and I hardly film anything so I will try to make a conscious effort to film things (I don't know what yet, we'll wait and see). I know me making a film will be accomplished this year as it is part of my final year modules so that will be fine but I need to do so in my free time as well! I saw someone post a video that they curated through the year by filming at least 1 second a day and I have decided to take on that challenge, so let us see where that takes me.

5. Cook better
Finally, I need to start cooking better and plan meals before hand. I forget how much of a hassle cooking becomes when you live away from home but lord knows how many pizza boxes I have collected in the past year due to my favourite pizza place opening in my home away from home (It's Papa Johns, I love you Papa Johns <3) I will actively try not to apart from special occasions. Also, I need to make breakfast because me waking up late is not an excuse to skip a meal and not eat until 8pm, when the day is done. Get some cereal in you before you leave for the day!

Maybe I can make this at home rather than go to a fancy café?
So these are my goals and hopefully having them immortalised on this neglected blog will help me complete them, maybe? But, for now, the planning of these goals will have to do and I will update with changes and successes over the next term (or at least I will try). Thank you for reading! I will see you next time when I finally write about my actual course.

Over and Out,

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