Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Jumper Day!!!

Today in UK it is Christmas Jumper day for the organisation called Save The Children. This charity helps beat child poverty in many countries and as its mission statement it states that 'No child is born to die'.
At my school we took part in this event, raised money and had fun... but through my pessemistic thoughts I related it to the fading of Christmas spirit but how does this day save it? Watch to see my opinion:



Anne-Marie x

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas feelings

It has dawned on me that Christmas is nearly upon us. The many youtubers sharing their festive favourites, christmas tags and vlogmas' has got me thinking about how the Christmas spirit is dieing. People are trying so hard to remember what it was like to wake up on Christmas out of pure excitement and find presents under the tree and the smell of Turkey in the morning before the Christmas dinner. Unfortunately that dies after a while and you get on with your life. I'm 17 and to be honest, it is slowly fading. I haven't had normal packed presents under the tree in two years because I've had many things given to me before Christmas or things I've told my mum that it counts as a Christmas gift.
Last year I spent Christmas in Poland and it was pretty special with the snow and festivities (mulled wine hehe). Then spending New Years in Zakopane (google it), one of the most special New Years experiences where I climbed up to the top of Gubalowka (again, google) to see the fireworks from above from the whole city. But even after that, I felt somewhat sad that the year has ended and it didn't even feel great. Remembering how fun it was to stay up late all the time just to watch the 1st January come at 12:00am but now its normal because I stay up that late on a daily basis and it doesn't bother me that a new day is dawning.
We try and bring all that back with scented candles, hot chocolate, christmas jumpers and Michael Buble on repeat (me right now) but as much as we try, we are getting older.

However what should stop you from enjoying making it as festive as possible. Put the kettle on, make a hot chocolate, blast that WHAM! tune and stay cosy for the season and eat as much of that turkey and cranberry as possible. We only get this once a year and why shouldn't we anyway. Mistletoe is an excuse for a cheeky kiss from your crush and an opportunity to play Secret Santa and make someone really happy by giving. This season is full of year long benefits and fun. ENJOYYYY!!!

Possible Videos: The Christmas Tag, Post Doctor Who video and Sherlock countdown and anything that pops in my head.

Love, Anne-Marie x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I'm Back

To celebrate my coming back from China (another blog post will be up soon) I have made a reaction video to the announcement of the 12th Doctor, I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Youtube Channel

After very much a long two weeks of no exams and complete boredom I decided to finally start vlogging, and I know its been 2 weeks so I am very guilty. I underestimated the completed slam of work to start off with as soon as I got back to school. All from university applictions, extended project qualification planning to the music video unit of Media studies. I never thought it would be this hard and yet somewhat fun.

So after a long awaited couple of weeks (sorry), here is my vlog:

I've filmed a couple of things that I may edit this weekend but I am not promising anything but you can count on me producing something soon. Maybe when I come back from China?

Thank you

(P.S- Mychildisadalek is such a cool name. Props to my friend, Kat Who ;))

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dystopian Literature

I know I am ohhhh so late in posting a new blog post so here goes.

I have just recently finished my AS exams which were my Media Studies retake (I was disappointed with a one away from a B grade, but turns out I secured a safe B so that was a mistake), English Literature and my final Drama performance. Now I am as free as a bird - or something.

Being at home, however, for 2 weeks is ever so boring as I have nothing to study or do before the start of my A2 modules. As an avid reader I have decided on getting ahead of my English Literature for next year - Dystopian Literature. The prose texts we will be studying are:

The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

I'm still not sure about the coursework side of things but there is a section that I am particularly looking forward too in which we get to write about our own dystopian literature. So I decided to look at a few before we actually start the course (excited much?). I downloaded a few free copies of some H.G Wells off IBooks -The Time Machine and War of the Worlds- and a sample of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I'll let you know how it goes.

Another thing I'm looking forward too is to seeing The Great Gatsby after writing my exam on it a week ago and also growing my eternal love for both Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo Dicaprio. So a review of both the movie and the book which I adore will be going up soon.

I'll guess I will see you soon with maybe a vlog?

We shall see.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

I guess this is the start...


I should introduce myself. My name is Anne-Marie and I have just turned 17 and plan on using this blog to express my talents, likes and anything I feel like posting. As an aspiring film director I shall hope to share my upcoming projects and ideas here. I also plan on vlogging.
I know vlogging is a bit of a cliche sort of thing but my love of cameras, talking and sharing interests and many of my funny encounters in my world, I think it would be perfect. I do not expect any publicity but this is for me. I promised myself to do something and it is.

Now I just have to get started.

Over and Out,