Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Woah, who knew. I made it the future, didn't expect that as I am casually having existential crisis after existential crisis at this very moment in time. Also I'm 19. Just thought that would interest you, you can laugh at me now. I think I sound fancy now, what about you? Do you like blogging in a fancy way. If you don't blog then maybe do you just try to write fancy? I write the word fancy a lot.

Anyway, hope all is good now. Maybe you successfully finished University, had your year abroad and had struggles on the way but you made it to the future. I want you to read this when you are 30 and hopefully you are happy now. Right now, I am struggling two weeks before the first and last exams of my university life start whilst listening to All I Want by Kodaline. Last night was the first time you slept happy in quite a while. 2 and a half months, to be precise. Getting over people isn't easy for me and you, I hope it's getting better over time and you have become strong. But I really don't want many more of these shit feelings, please?

I hope you are friends with the people you are friends with 10 years in the past. The usual bestie's, soul mates (aka wife) and the life long university people you have met. I won't name names but you know who they are. I don't want you to forget these people, they made you who you are now and have been there through your struggles and you should be there for theirs. Go thank them now! Well if it's 1am or something don't but you know, do it in the morning. Hang out with them or just remember them with fond memories of school, sixth form and all the times you hung out. Be a bit nostalgic today, you are literally the age your sister is now in my current moment in time. It's weird. Eww.

Who actually got married first? Any children in the friendship group? Remember when people thought you were going to get married first out of the group? Is that true or are you still waiting for Prince Charming or Benedict Cumberbatch's baby (hopefully male)? What did you even name your children? I hope it's still the original choices like Hamish, Noah, Alison and Elisa. Yesterday you told your housemates that you want to be sorted by 30. Job, man, house and children on your mind. Who knows? Maybe you fucked up but that is alright, you are still pretty awesome for surviving. Get your life on track if none of your goals have been realised. Say hi to your husband or boyfriend from past me, literally can't imagine being with someone. And if you don't have anyone to say hi to, don't rush to find love, if true love hasn't come yet then its not the right time. Be patient. You always have, remember waiting 2 years for the guy you liked to give you an answer? (Still hasn't, has he?) And also 2 good long years for Sherlock? Good, now practice that some more. Also has Season 5 come out? I am still waiting for 4. Darn.

How is Mum? Have you spoken to her or have you yet to move out of the house? Magda? Has she settled down and had children, if she hasn't slap her and say sorry. Honestly, I'm waiting now for her to get married already, she is stable in the career section of life and also relationship wise she is perfect so she needs to hurry the hell up. Spend some time with them if you haven't. Also speak to Padre, see whats happening.

Finally, I really hope you are doing film as a job. Seriously, if nothing else has worked out I hope this has. You've worked for this and struggled on the inside as to whether this was a good choice so I hope to high heavens you are happy with what you are doing and that is film. Maybe you've made something and maybe you've won an award, big or small, I am still proud because I think I can say I am struggling with my life decisions right now, so I hope you prove me wrong. Please prove me wrong, otherwise all this was a waste. But I'm sure you are awesome enough to be smart about this. Do what you love and do it well. Also I hope you've met Benedict or seen him. Please you must have, it's been 16 years of loving him. Say hi from past me, don't cry and be calm.

Super final note, stay weird! You are unique soul and I hope you know that. #Yolo. I joke, but really have fun with your future life and love yourself as much as I love the idea of you.

Here is your past face, 19 and no make-up (as always). Write a blog post even if your blog isn't active  and compare our faces, thanks. I hope I have minimal acne scaring and sorted eyebrows (shh positivity).

Over and out from your awkwardly past self,

Friday, 8 May 2015

New Girl: 'Clean Break' Season 4 Finale Review [Spoilers near the end]

The Season Four finale of one of my favourite TV shows aired on Tuesday night and I'm pretty sure I still haven't stopped crying since I've seen it 42 hours ago.
I started watching New Girl when it first came onto my TV screen on E4 (possibly the best TV channel in Britain). However only recently have I religiously watched episode after episode of it in early March of this year, thanks to emotions and bleh (I petition this to be a new official word) which forced me to watch 3 whole seasons in 2 and a half days. Through this I've gotten really attached to the characters, their ups and downs and their quirky personality's. After all of this knowledge that I've acclaimed in my impressive 3 season binge, I have considered myself to be a Nick Miller. Quirky, failed writer, procrastinator and hoarder of rubbish sums me up pretty well. Especially this video which, even though is less that 20 seconds long, I find hilarious for many reasons.

Anyway, onto the review of the latest finale to shine down on us with their presence. A few hours prior to me viewing this episode which I was really pumped for I went onto Facebook, which now I know was a mistake. The Official page for New Girl posted a MASSIVE spoiler just a few hours after the episode aired and everyone in the comments were fuming. I'm not even exaggerating, everyone was mad. I was annoyed and wished I hadn't seen it but one comment did make me chuckle a bit. Someone told the admin of the page to 'put a dollar in the douche bag jar'. If you know anything about the show you would laugh a bit after reading it (silent Anne-Marie nose exhales). 
So having know this spoiler I was ready to be disappointed at the lack of surprise there was but on the contrary, dear readers. I weeped. Ugly sobbed. Single teared, you name it. I felt it all.

Fair warning *clears throat*, SPOILERS WILL START NOW! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Thank you.
That was honestly a roller-coster of emotions that I was not prepared for. Firstly, Coach leaving AGAIN! Come on, because of my binge watching it feels like he just came back and now he's settling in with this beautiful woman and it's all so hard to take. This episode could be relatable to a lot of audiences going through things like saying goodbye and decluttering (I know I certainly am) so I thought this was a realistic representation of what happens in life and how to deal with it. This 'clean break' ideology can be used everywhere and is useful in most situations, even if it is something as perfect as Nick and Jess (sorry, not sorry).
Speaking of the quirky ex-couple, the 'sex mug' brought back many possibilities for them getting back together when one of them put it out on the counter. Would it work out? Do we want to see them back together again? Well, my personal opinion is HELLS YEAH! I would want them to go back together and have a wonderful happy ending. But who knows what will happen in the coming 5th Season, even if Jess will be missing in 4 episodes due to her maternity leave (naww).
Finally, the reason for my ugly sobbing. Schmidt and Cece getting engaged! Oh my, I was not expecting that whatsoever (apart from Facebook spoilers). It was beautiful and I just the love the way they both changed over time. It was like seeing your children grow up, not like I know how that feels. The flashback to the first thing he said to her was adorable and so well put together.
All the storylines, from Winston and Coach, Nick and Jess and most importantly Cece and Schmidt intertwined beautifully and provided a full circle to end the season with. It was satisfyingly awesome.
So overall New Girl has a lot to look forward to in Season 5 and I can't wait and I'm sure it will be worth the wait but for now lets bask in the cuteness that is Schmidty.

Thanks for reading my first review, hopefully I didn't do too badly and didn't ramble. I did but shhh no one has to know.

Over and Out,

Friday, 1 May 2015

And again...

I'm sorry. Neglecting this blog maybe isn't the best idea when I love writing here, so I am officially apologising (hopefully for the last time).
Since September I have been attending University and that is possibly the best thing I've ever done to date. The picture below describes the past 7 months for me pretty much perfectly. All nighters, filming and a substitute family (my 7 flatmates).

If you haven't guessed already I do Film Studies and couldn't be happier with my choice. I've gained so much knowledge and experience and thats just in this little time I've been here. I am so in love with what I do it makes me cry, well, not literally. Metaphorical tears of joy.

Me being back is not a sign of yet another betrayal. This time I promise you that I have gotten a few things sorted out for this blog and its future.
First of all I would love to post a few reviews of movies and TV Series I've watched even if they may be late notice. I would also like a post of a day in the life of a Film Student in my University as I am sure it will be insightful to many new and aspiring university students out there.
However, one major thing I would like to use my blog as is a diary of things going on in my life that may be helpful to other people and something's I would like to seek help in myself, form a community almost of troubled teens (nearly adults - oh my, I'm nearly 20). These posts can also help me reflect later on in my life with either nostalgia or embarrassment. Probably the latter.

I've got big plans so stay tuned.

Also thank you to the large response I got for my previous post, I am glad I am not alone. Although a bit dramatic, I'm glad it was liked.

Over and Out,