Friday, 7 November 2014

5th November 2014 - The Day that Benedict Cumberbatch announced his engagement

Heartbreak. First thing I felt finding out this information. Honestly, I know I am pathetic and delusional but when someone who makes you smile whenever you see them on screen and someone who you spend so much time "fangirling" about, even if they have no clue who you are or that you even exist, this news can be a big deal.
Do not get me wrong, I am extremely happy for them and congratulate them in every way possible. However this is the day I sort of change. Most people who know me very well know how much I love this man as a performer and most of all, a human being (from what I see, clarifying I don't know him personally and all I see is what is portrayed through media). Even a few days ago, I would have defended him to the death because this guy I know from my university had made an argument about how he is not a good actor because he has no Oscars. He gained much amusement from my anger and got slammed down with my skills and knowledge of Benedicts acting career, as well as many facts and trivia which may have proved the fact that I am, in fact, crazy.
Alright, after reading this post you may think I am an ordinary fangirl and I feel the same as many others in this very situation (he is a mainstream Hollywood actor now, so I don't blame you) however I am going to say you are correct. This time I can say that I bet that there are many fans across the world that have cried of sadness and felt a pain in their chest like I did when hearing this. Even though we say we are the only ones who feel like this when seeing our favourite celebrity move on with their life, we know it is not true. I, for one, am not a unique fan or I can not claim to be. Through this we as a group learn to live with just being a fan, but a part of us dies. I know now that I can not love him as much as I used too because that is someone elses job. Most people who reacted this way probably love Benedict for the same reasons as I do. They adore him because he brings happiness when you are down, with either his impressive impressions (such alliteration, much wow) or his dance moves. He makes everything better than it already is. His amazing acting and just pure talent makes him stand out. The dedication to becoming Smaug in the Hobbit or just caring about feminism and gay rights is something all of us admire as fans of Benedict Cumberbatch and it is annoyingly painful that he will not know how much of mine and many others lives he has taken over, in a good way, obviously. He can not know how many of us are happier just because of him.
As a final word, I would like to say a massive thank you to him and everything he has done to change my life and also the lives of many others who adore his work and what he does (not all about those cheekbones, you know?). I for one am extremely happy that he now gets to make one woman happy for the rest of his life. Congratulations Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter, I wish you all the best in your new lives together.

P.S. If I am reading this in a few years time, sorry.

Friday, 5 September 2014

The Ice-Cream Infatuation

Throughout my life I have had this one addiction to this frozen treat and whether it be winter or summer I love it nonetheless. I like to try the many different ice-creams and gelatos there are around the world and I must say all of them are delicious. From Ube (Purple yam) ice-cream of the Philippines to the Italian hazelnut gelato, I want them all.
Upon my travels in Poland I have come across a different variety of ice-creams I have in London. Here Twisters are orange and yellow symbolising lemon and orange flavour and the coned ice-cream has a richer taste. 

This particular ice-cream was a 3 flavoured cone. It consisted of pistachio (a favourite flavour of mine), mint and chocolate and a new taste which was maple walnut. The combination was both weird and refreshing and tasted well together.
Another new flavour I tried was the Marc De Champagne magnum which is also available in London but I only had the chance to have it now. 

This was surprisingly nice as I have had the champagne and trufle ice-cream by Haagen Daaz and it didn't taste as good as this magnum. The chocolate layer gave it a much better taste.

I know my love for ice-cream is a bit weird to blog about but I thought someone would be interested to hear about the taste of these particular ones. I shall go back to blogging film reviews and life stories once I am back and my response to the Liebster award too.


Monday, 4 August 2014

Incomplete Ideas

As a person who is quite creative and wants to express herself with film and content, I can have a million ideas flooding all at once. However it is all very vague and not detailed at all. Also I am very forgetful at times so I have many incomplete ideas. Note: My inspiration seems to come from things that happen to me so if I stay at home it can be very boring and my ideas coincide and are very repetitive. Hence...

What I look like at home

What I look like filming outside
The change in my face shows you exactly what my emotions are at different points of my life. Also that I wear hipster-esque glasses.
So, my main array of incomplete ideas evolves around love and past relationships and blah. But yes I just want to address that none of my ideas have come to life this summer and I want that to happen before I start university and have little or no time whatsoever
Anyway that is all so,

Over and Out x

Monday, 28 July 2014

Fear and Future

The title of this post basically sums up my post exam frustration and bipolar attitude to life. It has been 2 weeks since my final exam (Drama and Theatre Studies) but I can't stop thinking about getting into university. I want cry, I want to laugh and I want to shoot myself in the foot because I don't have a clue how well (or god forbid - shit) I did this year.
Last year was bloody terrible, I am counting my lucky nuggets that I was still allowed in school (praise Media Studies and praise my Media teacher being the head of sixth form). Anyway Media Studies was a godsend to me as I got a decent B, yay. What was completly and utterly terrible was English Literature and Drama and Theatre Studies which were both E's. How and why, I don't know. I guess I am only good at one subject and not even excellent in it, just good. These results put a lot of pressure on me for the following year as I decided to do Media, add on Polish A2 as I already had the AS, do both English AS and A2 and carry on with Drama even if it meant I was going to get a crappy grade. Also I did do an EPQ which was marked as an A but it came back as a U so I don't know to this day what the hell happened.
So essentially I was studying 5 subjects (although I didn't really count Polish as it is my 2nd language, but it did require a lot of work). I was doing well for once in all of them. Suddenly around April I got told that I was going to be dropped off both English subjects and I panicked. Ok, I didn't do well in many essays or any of the mocks but all I was thinking about was getting into university and I knew my drama grade wasn't going to get me there. However somehow my head of sixth form convinced my teachers, parents and everyone I couldn't do it so I left English and had 2 lessons to worry about.
I was okay with having this after a while as I had 3 exams and finished quite early but I still felt like a failure.

Currently I am writing a script about the feeling I had during this time which may relate to a lot of people so stay tuned for that. Probably a part 2 will come out of this as it is a huge topic. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from this depressing topic but hey ho..

Over and out,

The Girl From Another Planet

Sunday, 13 April 2014


So hello again,

I seem to have been inactive in the past months and seeing the title of this post you can kind of guess why. Yes, Stress. Throughout these past couple of months I have experienced the worst kinds of stress and it was all leading down to school.
It all started with a break up between me and my ex-boyfriend (I know, get over it Dames) but then after a while everything was going down hill. I was failing classes, I was getting slagged off by teachers, my friends are having problems with health and life and worst of all... my camera broke and my Ipad got stolen. I know, big deal my camera broke, get a new one but IT IS A BIG DEAL TO ME I NEED FOOTAGE TO LIVE!!! (so yes, no videos D:)

I have come to the conclusion I have some voodoo from my relationship haunting me. But all I know is everything is going to get better and it has started to. I have had an offer to study at Kent with a year abroad. I am finally achieving in my subjects and I am thinking positively. But still I have no camera :(

Anyway I will continue this post about stress because it has been a big part of my Year 13 life so I think it is a good topic.

Thank you :3

Also I am finally 18 !!! woot woot