Friday, 5 September 2014

The Ice-Cream Infatuation

Throughout my life I have had this one addiction to this frozen treat and whether it be winter or summer I love it nonetheless. I like to try the many different ice-creams and gelatos there are around the world and I must say all of them are delicious. From Ube (Purple yam) ice-cream of the Philippines to the Italian hazelnut gelato, I want them all.
Upon my travels in Poland I have come across a different variety of ice-creams I have in London. Here Twisters are orange and yellow symbolising lemon and orange flavour and the coned ice-cream has a richer taste. 

This particular ice-cream was a 3 flavoured cone. It consisted of pistachio (a favourite flavour of mine), mint and chocolate and a new taste which was maple walnut. The combination was both weird and refreshing and tasted well together.
Another new flavour I tried was the Marc De Champagne magnum which is also available in London but I only had the chance to have it now. 

This was surprisingly nice as I have had the champagne and trufle ice-cream by Haagen Daaz and it didn't taste as good as this magnum. The chocolate layer gave it a much better taste.

I know my love for ice-cream is a bit weird to blog about but I thought someone would be interested to hear about the taste of these particular ones. I shall go back to blogging film reviews and life stories once I am back and my response to the Liebster award too.