Sunday, 13 April 2014


So hello again,

I seem to have been inactive in the past months and seeing the title of this post you can kind of guess why. Yes, Stress. Throughout these past couple of months I have experienced the worst kinds of stress and it was all leading down to school.
It all started with a break up between me and my ex-boyfriend (I know, get over it Dames) but then after a while everything was going down hill. I was failing classes, I was getting slagged off by teachers, my friends are having problems with health and life and worst of all... my camera broke and my Ipad got stolen. I know, big deal my camera broke, get a new one but IT IS A BIG DEAL TO ME I NEED FOOTAGE TO LIVE!!! (so yes, no videos D:)

I have come to the conclusion I have some voodoo from my relationship haunting me. But all I know is everything is going to get better and it has started to. I have had an offer to study at Kent with a year abroad. I am finally achieving in my subjects and I am thinking positively. But still I have no camera :(

Anyway I will continue this post about stress because it has been a big part of my Year 13 life so I think it is a good topic.

Thank you :3

Also I am finally 18 !!! woot woot