Monday, 4 August 2014

Incomplete Ideas

As a person who is quite creative and wants to express herself with film and content, I can have a million ideas flooding all at once. However it is all very vague and not detailed at all. Also I am very forgetful at times so I have many incomplete ideas. Note: My inspiration seems to come from things that happen to me so if I stay at home it can be very boring and my ideas coincide and are very repetitive. Hence...

What I look like at home

What I look like filming outside
The change in my face shows you exactly what my emotions are at different points of my life. Also that I wear hipster-esque glasses.
So, my main array of incomplete ideas evolves around love and past relationships and blah. But yes I just want to address that none of my ideas have come to life this summer and I want that to happen before I start university and have little or no time whatsoever
Anyway that is all so,

Over and Out x