Friday, 1 May 2015

And again...

I'm sorry. Neglecting this blog maybe isn't the best idea when I love writing here, so I am officially apologising (hopefully for the last time).
Since September I have been attending University and that is possibly the best thing I've ever done to date. The picture below describes the past 7 months for me pretty much perfectly. All nighters, filming and a substitute family (my 7 flatmates).

If you haven't guessed already I do Film Studies and couldn't be happier with my choice. I've gained so much knowledge and experience and thats just in this little time I've been here. I am so in love with what I do it makes me cry, well, not literally. Metaphorical tears of joy.

Me being back is not a sign of yet another betrayal. This time I promise you that I have gotten a few things sorted out for this blog and its future.
First of all I would love to post a few reviews of movies and TV Series I've watched even if they may be late notice. I would also like a post of a day in the life of a Film Student in my University as I am sure it will be insightful to many new and aspiring university students out there.
However, one major thing I would like to use my blog as is a diary of things going on in my life that may be helpful to other people and something's I would like to seek help in myself, form a community almost of troubled teens (nearly adults - oh my, I'm nearly 20). These posts can also help me reflect later on in my life with either nostalgia or embarrassment. Probably the latter.

I've got big plans so stay tuned.

Also thank you to the large response I got for my previous post, I am glad I am not alone. Although a bit dramatic, I'm glad it was liked.

Over and Out,

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  1. Yes please do reviews because I need to watch half of the shows that you watch! Glad you're blogging again too <3