Monday, 28 March 2016

A Spontaneous post on "Blue Valentine" and the feelings involved

A few days ago I watched Blue Valentine and I ended up thinking too much about my own personal life and the one I wish I had and it got me thinking about how films can affect us in such an emotional way. Personally, I get really affected by certain films and I want to know if this happens to other people as well.
One example of this the romantic comedy Love, Rosie which affected me in a way I never wanted any movie to do. I somewhat despise romantic comedies as a film student but this one had me thinking that this can definitely be my guilty pleasure. Maybe it's because we relate so much with what is on the screen and adapt it to your personal life. Not saying that (maybe spoilers maybe, highlight with cursor if you have watched this film) I have been in love with my best friend since forever and before getting into University I fell pregnant with some random bloke but I could relate to aspects of this film such as Rosie's friendship with Alex, how there are many decisions to do with life to be made and so on.
With Blue Valentine, I guess I thought the same way but also more emotionally than I did with Love, Rosie. I know that Blue Valentine is what I assume reality would look like in film and it is also critically acclaimed. Some scenes are said to be improvised but I compared it to what it is like being young and in love (not that I know anything about that pshh). Maybe that's what it is, we look at these films and it reminds us what our life should be like and also, especially with Blue Valentine, what it should be like in the future and that is terrifying.
As this film has a non-linear look at a relationship it highlights the couples present feelings and also compares it to how it was before. Without spoiling it, this film makes you think so much and I love it and maybe even hate it at the same time especially because it made me cry whilst in a class full of film students who seemed unaffected by the story in it. Although these two films I have mentioned fall in two different categories of how "good" a film is, they both affected me in some way. So the question here is: Do films affect you emotionally? Which ones and why? Do let me know so I don't feel bad about all the tears.
I hope you enjoyed this spontaneous post (even though I said next post will be on a Friday. Don't trust me, I'm WILD!) and I hope you have a lovely week.

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  1. I'm usually partial to a good romantic comedy (especially the classics like Bridget Jones, 10 Things I Hate About You, When Harry Met Sally, etc) but I had to switch off Love, Rosie half way through because of how terribly cringey it was! wasn't a fan at all, haha. Blue Valentine was okay, I found it incredibly depressing, but I appreciated the realism and raw honesty.

    Films do certainly affect me emotionally, especially in recent years - I must be getting soft in my old age! The last one to do so was How To Be Single, as at the end there was a very sweet dad/daughter moment (that's all I'll say though because spoilers). Tbh, any movies with touching dad/daughter moments always get to me, since I don't have a relationship with my own father.

    1. Oh I do love some Bridget Jones and can't wait for the new one and I understand the cringe of Love, Rosie. Most of my friends had that because it is a typical cringe worthy film but despite that I do love it. My thing is I really love depressing movies (sounds really sad, I know) and Blue Valentine hit me and its definitely not everyones cup of tea, I love both of these for the qualities that others may disagree with.

      Definitely, I agree. Interesting, I might have to give that a watch and see how that scene affects me too. I guess there are certain aspects that will affect some more than others and I find that absolutely fascinating. Thank you for sharing!