Wednesday, 26 August 2015

First Year and Memories

My first year at University has ended and it feels like yesterday that I blogged about starting sixth form and BAM, here I am talking about how 1/4 of my University life has been fulfilled and completed. It is weird to think that a year ago I was nervous to meet new people and to cope living by myself but now I love spending time at University and being with my flatmates has made me happier. Although I miss family so much, I do love my adopted family (Playboy Mansion, don't ask).

Being on my summer holidays, I have reflected a lot more than I should have on the last year and overall I seem happy with it and I guess what I'm scared of now is change. I am going to be living else where and not on campus where I could wake up 10 minutes before my seminar and still make it with a few minutes to spare (well, at a push). Not to mention that all my friends lived within a 2 minute walk or so and now I have to travel a bit more to see them and plan studies with them. Also, I am living with 3 of my previous flatmates compared to the original 7. It is quite sad as we were all so close but I am sure that we will be fine.

Some of the afore mentioned Playboy Mansion, bunny ears yo. Don't mind the Sainsbury's bag just lying there. 
Some of the best memories I have had in my short life, so far, will have been in this flat and it saddens me that I only got to spend one year there. However, I am looking forward to being the best I can this year. This year counts and I am excited to start a fresh with modules I love and a brand new study technique. Another change that I have made is that I am now secretary of the Glee society on campus and this is exciting. I have always had a small love for Glee and it's awesome that I get to work on a club like this and gain some important experience.

I guess, all that is left to do is start.

If any of my readers want any more information on the course I am doing which is Film, the modules I am taking and/or university life, please let me know as I am planning to do a video on this soon on my Youtube channel. I would also love to write a post on my course and what I have been up to during second year.

Thank you and I will see you in another post :)

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